There is a critical void in early pregnancy care.

Let's bridge the gap
with PEACE

Let's bridge the gap with PEACE

The 8-week gap in the standard of care places a significant financial and emotional burden on our healthcare system and society.

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8 Weeks

Is the time span from point of conception to prenatal care in the U.S.

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Of miscarriages happen within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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ER Visits

Without care, patients turn to emergency rooms when complications occur.

A PEACE-Filled Solution

PEACE (Pregnancy Early Access Center) aims to help solve this problem by providing comprehensive family planning services and urgent pregnancy care that includes miscarriage management, pregnancy options counseling, abortion care, and pregnancy prevention.


We listened to patients, providers, researchers, and academics from around the world to create a sustainable model that will help address this gap and transform the standard of prenatal care in the U.S.

Evidence-Based Model

PEACE was created to help bridge the gap in the standard of care for the early pregnancy stage. The PEACE model — developed by an expert team at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Medicine — provides a flexible, evidence-based roadmap for establishing a clinic that best fits the unique needs of your patients and your organizational structure.

Rewriting Our Future

Research is at the heart of all we do at PEACE. Both research and our relevant medical publications allows us to set new standards for family planning and early pregnancy as we work passionately to advance the science and policies of reproductive healthcare delivery in the U.S.

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