Why we started PEACE

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1 in 5

Pregnancies will end in miscarriage

The gap in early pregnancy care is when the most common pregnancy complication occurs — miscarriage. 1 in 5 pregnancies will end in miscarriage and without care, patients are left alone and unsure where to go for help during an emotionally overwhelming time. Patients turn to emergency departments even though early pregnancy loss is rarely ever a medical emergency. This places a significant financial and resource burden on our healthcare system. Patients experiencing unplanned and undesired pregnancies are also unsure about where they can go for family planning help in addition to the societal stigma surrounding abortion. We knew we had to do something. Patients deserve better. So we created PEACE to help solve this critical gap in care.

Meet Doctor
Courtney Schreiber
My first intervention had to be building trust

Meet Doctor Courtney Schreiber
My first intervention had to be building trust

A patient came into my office after being told by a couple of healthcare providers that her pregnancy was non-viable. There was no growth and no heartbeat. I went into the consultation room primed for a discussion about miscarriage, but she told me she was hoping I was going to undo all of the painful information she had previously heard. I showed her that her pregnancy had not grown since the last evaluation, but she was unable to wrap her head around this news. I tried to explain what was happening to her, but felt I didn’t have the tools. The tools I had been using were not the right tools for this very moment. She told me she had heard stories of doctors who were wrong and asked, “how can I trust you?” I knew building trust had to be my first intervention and that the system and lack of early pregnancy care had to change.

PEACE provides high-value family planning and early pregnancy care, benefiting both patients and providers.

PEACE is an integrated family planning and urgent pregnancy care center that solves the critical gap in early pregnancy care. It is a first-in-the-nation, office-based care model for the diagnosis, management, and prevention of early pregnancy complications that transforms the standard of reproductive healthcare. PEACE shifts care from the Emergency Department and Operating Room to a lower risk, supportive office-based setting where patients receive timely, expert, and comprehensive care. At PEACE, patients receive timely diagnosis, compassionate counseling through all pregnancy choices, and efficient management. With over 15 years of research backing this proven model that shows office-based management saves both patients and healthcare systems time and resources, we’re ready to get started. Are you?


$500-1000 savings per case

PEACE Saves: 3.5 hours Emergency Department personnel
time 10 patient hours
PEACE Saves: 13.5 hours Operating Room personnel time 4 hours
procedure room time
Better Access
Higher Quality

Same-day access

Appropriate cases in Emergency Department and Operating Room

Decrease variation

Decrease steps
& faster resolution

The PEACE model is a proven, award winning solution for family planning services and urgent pregnancy care.



Penn Medicine Award for Excellent Service and Seamless Patient Care (Awarded to PEACE)



Women's Medical Fund Abortion Hero Award for Compassion, Dedication, and Resiliency (Awarded to PEACE)

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