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PEACE was created by an expert team of providers, researchers, nurses, and care coordinators at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Medicine to help bridge the gap in early pregnancy care. Led by Dr. Courtney Schreiber, our evidence-based model provides a flexible roadmap for establishing a PEACE clinic that best serves the needs of your patients and fits your organizational structure.

"The PEACE team is structured to empower and support care providers while we also
support our patients."

Dr. Courtney A. Schreiber, MD, MPH University of Pennsylvania

Here's what YOUR PEACE team could look like:

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Medical Director

The medical director champions the mission and purpose of PEACE, oversees the training of fellows and junior trainees, spearheads the research program, and is responsible for continuously iterating on and improving the clinical care delivery.



Providers include attending physicians, family planning fellows, and advanced practice clinicians with training in uterine evacuation (procedural and medical), ultrasound, long-acting reversible contraceptive insertion and removal.


Nursing Staff

Nurses provide medical and emotional support to patients as they navigate pregnancy concerns and make family planning decisions. They offer care and kindness after losses, provide support resources, and complete follow-up calls with patients.

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Patient Care Coordinator

Patient care coordinators work directly with pregnant patients to schedule visits, navigate insurance concerns, and facilitate funding when necessary.

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Having rotations of nursing and medical students, resident physicians, and fellows who participate in patients' care secures a pipeline of future providers.

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A research team embedded in your clinic will significantly enhance the impact and value of the services delivered to patients.

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